The chronicles of workaholicmama…

Hello  Mama’s!!!!

I would like to share my thoughts on being a new mom and what has changed to what has remained the same.

Let me start of by saying, the only consistency is my 9-5 job lol…

Being a mommy is still new to me. I thought I was ready since I did wait 10 years before even thinking of having a child but ladies… sorry to say, nothing can prepare you. You have to experience it to understand, that having a child is a 24/7 job. It comes with major challenge and changes that you can not prepare for, now with that said, it is also an amazing thing in the whole world because you have created a beautiful mini you!

Prior to having my child I used to have no patience, spend money like water and just didn’t really care for many things. Once I had Carter, my views on life has changed drastically: I am more mindful of things, more patient and learned how to save money. This is  just my opinion but I feel my mindset has changed because I want to be able to  provide everything for my daughter. To me, it is true to the quote “ I want my child to have what I never did”.

As of right now, I work as a manager for a 24/7 technical support team Monday-Friday and I do part-time work on weekends as a freelance hairstylist and now a blogger!

If you ask me, how I manage to do all this and still find the time to spend with my daughter?

It is called “balance”. Once you become a mother, you are forced to learn time management, I work around my daughter’s clock. After my 9-5 corporate job, I usually come home prepare dinner for my family, followed by mommy and daughter time. On weekends when I have clients, I only accept clients during the morning or early afternoons. 2 pm onward is my baby girls time, with that said, I also have a good support system, which is my fiance(the father of my child). He helps out big time when I take on clients or when I need to cook dinner for the family.

NOW BEAUTIFUL MAMA’S! My thoughts above does not mean you turn into boring mama’s and forget how to have fun. If you have the opportunity, take the time to arrange ladies night out with your girlfriends and relive your youth a bit, even if it is only for a couple hours. If you don’t have friends, make sure you have, what I call “me” time. Every mamma needs a bit of a break once in a while.

And if you are wondering, when my fiance and I spend time?

Well we “try” to have date nights but that turns out into conversations all night about our daughter, therefore we usually end our date night early and go home to spend time with our daughter. We feel she growing up so fast so we miss her every time we are not with her….I know corny… but so true. 🙂

To close off my blog for today, I just want to say Thank you for taking the time to read and to all mama’s out there remember:

You are beautiful, strong and you can concur the world because that is how we are built and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



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  1. Your right on point, I completely agree, your life no no longer belongs to you. It’s becomes all about your child and your child and your child. Being a first time mom wares you out, you have to know when to be selfish.. yes ladies “SELFISH”.
    You have to close that washroom door light some candles with a nice glass of your favourite wine and select yo

  2. It’s not easy being a parent. And then you have to be an adult too. And THEN you have to be fun too.

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