Say hello to my little teddy bear!

This is my little teddy bear!

She is absolutely addicted to hear bear/trolls slippers!!!

My little human Carter is 3 years of age. Keeping up with her is pretty exhausting and for people that only think there is terrible 2, well it continues to terrible 3 as well. Goodluck! hehe!

I wanted to share a story about Carter that I am absolutely proud of. Carter was only 10 months when I decided to go back to work. I had the help of my lovely parents that took very good care of her, while my fiance and I worked during the day, however Carter only knew how to speak in Vietnamese.

I decided to put Carter in a bilingual French Montessori school over the summer to see how well she would adapt in a school environment, it was also a test to see if she would be ready for part-time school in September.

The beginning was pretty tough because the teacher had concerns at first, this was due to Carter not being able to speak English or French, therefore it was hard for them to correspond with her. As a new mama I went into panic mode and started to get a bit angry at myself for not putting her in daycare or in environment that speaks English. I talked to my fiance and with him being the calm one, he said to me “she will adapt but to give her time” and he was so right!

As time went on, Carter started adapting to the kids and her overall school environment very well which made me comfortable enrolling her for the full school year.

How is my baby girl doing now?

Well…just a couple months ago, I made the wrong assumption thinking Carter did not know any french since she is in school only 2 times a week, so how much can she really know?…boy was I wrong!

One day I asked if she can count with me and she said “OK MAMA”. I started counting in French and out of nowhere she said: “I want to do it on my own”. Carter starting showing me by counting to 10 in French all by her self  and at that point I was one proud MAMA!!! …I also forgot to mention, she can now count to 10 in 4 languages and is a big chatter box.  #PROUDPARENTS

The moral of this story is, to not be hard on yourself as parents and just know things will eventually fall in to place when it is time.

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