My 3 year old has Ezcema!!

Urg… Ezcema

My little toddler Carter has bad eczema from when she was 4 months old.  Carter is 3 years of age at this time and all I can say is sigh…. with her having Eczema, it is pretty stressful on a mom that doesn’t get enough sleep as it is.

I tried to use everything everyone has recommended and while some remedies worked, it only helped for a short period of time. My daughter sleeps in the same bed as me and all I hear in the middle of the night is her scratching at her skin to the point it gets to flesh. Sad, I know!!

On this blog I can only share what is currently working for us and what I have to continue doing for her to not stress her skin. I try to stay away from hydrocortisone ointments and although it works, it also made my Carter’s skin very thin, therefore I refuse to use it on her any longer.

What is my current routine to help Carter skin out a bit?

Thanks to my girlfriend, she gave me her son’s wet suit and gave me a routine that worked for her son, which has now grew out of his Eczema.

I keep the skin hydrated by moisturizing Carter’s skin right out from the bath with Aquaphor healing ointment and than putting a wet suit on her before bedtime.  By doing this routine, the Aquaphor locks the moisture  in and the wetsuit keeps the skin hydrated…please keep in mind, this does not cure eczema, it only tames it until the next break out.

Things I did notice that causes some of the flare up’s are  environmental or strong scents, such as: cleaning products, perfume and tiger balm. I try to keep her far away from some harsh scented items but at times can’t avoid it.

Below are the few items that I have used in the past that worked for a bit, maybe it can help you:

  • Raw Shaw butter
  • Raw Coconut oil
  • Cetaphil eczema lotion
  • Spectro intense rehydration moisturizer
  • Mustela Stelatopia moisturizing cream
  • Nutrelia, eczema moisturizing lotion (Worked well for me)
  • Aveeno eczema

Please share what worked for  your child?

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  1. Hi, I love your post on Ezcema, my son used to sufffer from eczema as well. What worked for me was heavy moisturizing with vaselin pure jelly unscented. Keep away from dairy product especially chocolate as tempting as it is, it aggregates Thier eczema. Keep your children cool as well the heat is no good. My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone but I find it thins Thier skin out and to top it off it’s fill with steroids., Thier skin becomes dependent on it , in my opinion home remedies works the best. I hope my few tips helps you. I’m so looking forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you Suzanne for you story. I think it is pretty stressful having children with eczema but I feel your suggestion are also correct!..some food intake also create flares. I lather my baby girl down with Eucurine by Aquaphor. Remember to subscribe for more great product reviews and updates.

  2. Both of my kids use to suffer from bad eczema . As a mother, that was one of the hardest things is to witness your children suffer and not being able to help them completely . We also tried everything from naturalpath to traditional and every eczema cream possible . What worked for our daughter didn’t nessasarliy worked for our son . For our daughter , we went to a Homopath doctor and she was on a very strict eating regiment . We cut out gluten, dairy, eggs from her diet from the age of 1-4 . It made a huge difference and definitely kept her eczema under control with very few breakouts . It took a lot of prepping and discipline but worth it in the end . By the age of 5 , she had pretty much grow out of her eczema and now she eats everything and her skin looks great ! For our son , he had a massive flare up on his face at 5 months old . We took him to a same doctor as our daughter and tried to heal his skin the natural way . At this point , he already developed an infection on his eczema and the natural medicine wasn’t working fast enough to heal it . We found another doctor that specialised in eczema and came highly recommend . He was more of the traditional approach . He introduced us to wet wrapping with a petroleum base cream to keep he skin moisturised . When our son had the occasional bad flare ups , we would use hydrocortisone + wet wrapping and the skin would heal instantly over night . The specialist said it’s actually much worst when the skin is broken by them scratching than using a low dosage of hydrocortisone . So basically that was our daily regiment and it worked wonders . Our son is 3 now , and no one would ever known he suffered eczema as a baby . To all mommies out there …hang in there ! Most children will grow out of it !

    Thao looking forward to your next blog !

    1. Thank you, Trang for sharing what you have went through with your children. I feel it is important to share with the world on your regimen and what worked for you.

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