Moroccan oil treatment VS One ‘n only Argon oil treatment

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As you know, I am a part-time hairstylist which I do as a hobby, my biggest passion is beautifying people and making them feel good when they leave my chair.

Today’s blog will be about  “argan oil” and the few that I have tried. This will be my own personal review on both of these product lines.


Moroccan oil treatment:

I am assuming everyone know of or have heard of this brand?

The Moroccan line is internationally known and is quit popular in the hair industry. The Morrocan oil treatment smells really nice and it does a very good job on assisting with maintaining healthy hair. The product is an argan oil base with other high level ingredients added to it. This oil treatment gets applied to damp hair prior to blow drying to  protect the hair cuticle from burning during the blow dry process…or, some people may use the oil after the hair is dry to keep the fly away hairs down, which creates a sleeker look.

The downside of this line is the pricing, it is very expensive and if you are not a full time salon like my very own that does not maintain a  high flow of business, this would break your pocket  rather than help you  make money.

The price to the Moroccan oil line for a 0.85 Oz mini bottle is $17


One ‘n only Argon oil treatment:


This is a lower end name brand argan oil treatment that I use daily on my clients. The name brand is not as popular as the Moroccan line  but it basically does the same thing with the same end results.

The smell is a bit stronger than the Moroccan line, it has very similar argan oil ingredients, with a slightly higher fragrance level.  The texture of this oil feels the exact same as the Moroccan oil treatment.

I like this brand because it is affordable and it does a very good job on the hair. I have been using this product for over 2 years now and I would have to say, it makes my clients hair feel soft and smooth after the blow dry is done.

The price to a 3.4 Oz mini  bottle is $9.99

My end result:

There are many products with very similar ingredients that do the very same thing in a lower price bracket.  Many clients don’t feel the need to spend so much money on hair products, therefore I try to use affordable ones with the same outcome as the higher end products.  My clients  can also afford to buy without feeling they are breaking their pockets and ending with the same results.

I love both product lines but to me and in my opinion I would have to say “One ‘n only” wins my vote here. If you take a look at the price differences as well, there is a huge jump  on the Moroccan mini bottle; you get less and still pay more.

Let me know your thoughts on these products, have you tried both?

“I am not sponsored by any of these products and have no affiliation to them”



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  1. Hi Thao

    I agree I use the One n only brand and have been for years. It does a great job on making the hair feel moisturized without weighing it down. Love this product!

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