Hello world!

I hope everyone had fun on their last day of 2017, what did you do?

If you read my first post you will notice I spent my NYE at my close girlfriends house.  She held an amazing potluck (that I knew nothing about) LOL! she made an amazing roast beef and there were other delicious items that others brought as well…I guess the question is, what did I bring?

Don’t worry! I did not come empty handed haha!

I ended up going to an Asian supermarket since they are always open, picked up some chips  and than made my way to pick up 3 Uncle Tetsu cheese cakes at pacific mall. I can say the chips were demolished and the cake came in handy as a great substitute for people that do not enjoy a sweet chocolate cake.

Moreover, the NYE gathering was super fun because I had the opportunity to catch up with some friend that were visiting from Hong Kong, and some new friends I made this past  summer, also at my girlfriends home.

The best part of last night were the adults being upstairs and the children having their own party downstairs in the basement, giving us a false sense of freedom LOL.. monitored of course by CCTV (close circuit television).

All in all was a great night/morning! Below are some pictures of the Sexy mamas from last night!!

Happy New Years again and I hope 2018 brings everyone good health, wealth and prosperity!!!





Hello world!

Hi everyone!

I am a totally new “fresh off the boat” blogger and my name is Thao. I am a mother of a 3 year girl name Carter that is part Jamaican and part Vietnamese. I do nothing but take care of the house hold, try to stay fit and work work work….LOL!

There are many things I have always wanted to try out and blogging is one of them.  Blogging is definitely intimidating at first glance because you have to figure out interesting things to write about all the time. This is one of my New Years goals and to push myself I have decided to open one on New years eve!!!!!

What to expect on this blog going forward!

  • A view from a hard working mama that balance’s being a mom and a manager at a 24/7 IT support team.
  • Hair and beauty tips (For all hair types)
  • Food and baking trials and errors (LOL)
  • Product reviews
  • Travel experience
  • More……

Stay tuned for my NYE event at one of my closest friends  house tonight, you will also see her popping up here and there on this blog when we chat about hair and make up. Her name is Trang aka I call her Trangster!