Turkey balls anyone!!! LOL!!

Hi everyone!!!! can you guess what I made for dinner from the ingredients below?

If you guessed Turkey meatballs, you are absolutely right!

Being a full time working mother and having to come home after a long day to ensure the family has a good dinner is definitely hard. I try to make meals that are quick and easy. The other night I made Turkey meatballs and a quick marinara sauce to dress my pasta dish. On this blog today I will upload my recipe for Turkey meatballs, it is also super simple and does not take long.


  • 500 grams of turkey meat or any meat of your choice.
  • one small onion diced
  • 4 cloves of dice garlic
  • 1 egg (I forgot to add it in the picture above)
  • 1/2 TBSP salt
  • 1 TSP of black pepper
  • 3/4 cup of break crumbs (I used Panko crumbs)
  • 1 tsp spoon of dried oregano
  • 1/3 cup of Parmesan cheese
  • 1 TBS of Olive oil


  • Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
  • Mix all the ingredients together
  • Using 1 TBSP, form a small ball
  • Place it on a tray and bake for 30 minutes (Also depends on your oven)

It should look like the picture below.

Once baking is completed, it should look like this.

It tasted super yummy, now remember this is leaner meat, therefore it is not going to be as juicy as when you use beef or pork meat.

I basically worked with what I had in my fridge and my pantry, therefore you can add anything you like in your Turkey meatballs….skies the limit!!!

I hope you guys try this and please remember to let me know if you tried this and how it turned out for you.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caramel, Ganache no bake cheese cake recipe!!!

Hello World!!!

I promised you guys a dessert recipe this weekend and I always keep my promises. I have one hour before this weekend is over, therefore let me begin!!

Below are sections of ingredients I have used in this  “melt in your mouth Dessert”. (Caramel, Ganache no bake cheese cake)


Chocolate Wafer crust:

2 1/2- 3 CUPS of chocolate wafer cookies

5 TBSP melted butter

2 TSP Vanilla extract

1 Egg white

  • Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Place chocolate wafer cookies into a blender or a food processor until it becomes fine like “sand”.
  • Add in the melted butter, vanilla extract and egg white and blend everything until it feels and looks like wet sand.
  • Once the texture and consistency is completed, add it a pie pan or in this case, I used a Tart pan here that is 9 inches.
  • Try to make it flat as possible on the pan.
  • Bake in the oven for 15 minutes.
  • Once completed let is sit until we are ready to add other ingredients on top.

Making Caramel:

  • 1 can of condense milk
  • I used my one pot pressure cooker.
  • I filled water to the top, placed the condense milk inside and let  the condense milk pressure cook for 50 minutes.
  • Once done, take it out with caution and let sit until the canned has cooled down.
  • Open the lid of the condense milk and it should be a dark caramel color.

Ingredients for no bake cheese cake:

1 block of cream cheese (room temperature)

1 TSP of salt

2 TSP of vanilla extract

5 TBSP of real Lemon juice

2 cups of icing sugar (or 1 cups of regular white sugar your choice)

1  cup of whipping cream

  • Combine cream cheese, Vanilla extract, salt, lemon juice and icing sugar into the blender until you see a smooth consistency.
  • Add the whipping cream into the blender and blend until you see a stiff consistency.

Ingredients for Chocolate Ganache:

1 Cup of heavy cream

200 Grams of dark chocolate, prefer 70% (2 1/2 of those bars that I used in this posting)

1/2 TBS of dark Rum (Your choice to use it or not)

  • boil the cream but do not burn
  • pour hot cream over the finely chopped dark chocolate and stir until you see a smooth chocolate consistency
  • Add rum in to the mixture (optional)


  • Once all 4 sets of the ingredients are done, you now have to incorporated all the ingredients together to build your yummy no bake cheese cake.

Now it is time to layer everything!!

  • Place the  no bake cream cheese mixture on top of the chocolate crust. (make sure to level it out)
  • In a piping bag, add the caramel layer on top of the  no bake cream cheese
  • Last but not least, in a piping bag add the chocolate Ganache mixture on top of the caramel layer.
  • Create your design with a stick however you like it to look. (Just make it look fancy enough to eat) 🙂
  • Place the cake in the fridge over night to have all the ingredients to a more solid texture.



(Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored by any of the  name brand ingredients I have used in this cake and please note I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL BAKER. I just love to cook and bake)




Say hello to my little teddy bear!

This is my little teddy bear!

She is absolutely addicted to hear bear/trolls slippers!!!

My little human Carter is 3 years of age. Keeping up with her is pretty exhausting and for people that only think there is terrible 2, well it continues to terrible 3 as well. Goodluck! hehe!

I wanted to share a story about Carter that I am absolutely proud of. Carter was only 10 months when I decided to go back to work. I had the help of my lovely parents that took very good care of her, while my fiance and I worked during the day, however Carter only knew how to speak in Vietnamese.

I decided to put Carter in a bilingual French Montessori school over the summer to see how well she would adapt in a school environment, it was also a test to see if she would be ready for part-time school in September.

The beginning was pretty tough because the teacher had concerns at first, this was due to Carter not being able to speak English or French, therefore it was hard for them to correspond with her. As a new mama I went into panic mode and started to get a bit angry at myself for not putting her in daycare or in environment that speaks English. I talked to my fiance and with him being the calm one, he said to me “she will adapt but to give her time” and he was so right!

As time went on, Carter started adapting to the kids and her overall school environment very well which made me comfortable enrolling her for the full school year.

How is my baby girl doing now?

Well…just a couple months ago, I made the wrong assumption thinking Carter did not know any french since she is in school only 2 times a week, so how much can she really know?…boy was I wrong!

One day I asked if she can count with me and she said “OK MAMA”. I started counting in French and out of nowhere she said: “I want to do it on my own”. Carter starting showing me by counting to 10 in French all by her self  and at that point I was one proud MAMA!!! …I also forgot to mention, she can now count to 10 in 4 languages and is a big chatter box.  #PROUDPARENTS

The moral of this story is, to not be hard on yourself as parents and just know things will eventually fall in to place when it is time.

The chronicles of workaholicmama…

Hello  Mama’s!!!!

I would like to share my thoughts on being a new mom and what has changed to what has remained the same.

Let me start of by saying, the only consistency is my 9-5 job lol…

Being a mommy is still new to me. I thought I was ready since I did wait 10 years before even thinking of having a child but ladies… sorry to say, nothing can prepare you. You have to experience it to understand, that having a child is a 24/7 job. It comes with major challenge and changes that you can not prepare for, now with that said, it is also an amazing thing in the whole world because you have created a beautiful mini you!

Prior to having my child I used to have no patience, spend money like water and just didn’t really care for many things. Once I had Carter, my views on life has changed drastically: I am more mindful of things, more patient and learned how to save money. This is  just my opinion but I feel my mindset has changed because I want to be able to  provide everything for my daughter. To me, it is true to the quote “ I want my child to have what I never did”.

As of right now, I work as a manager for a 24/7 technical support team Monday-Friday and I do part-time work on weekends as a freelance hairstylist and now a blogger!

If you ask me, how I manage to do all this and still find the time to spend with my daughter?

It is called “balance”. Once you become a mother, you are forced to learn time management, I work around my daughter’s clock. After my 9-5 corporate job, I usually come home prepare dinner for my family, followed by mommy and daughter time. On weekends when I have clients, I only accept clients during the morning or early afternoons. 2 pm onward is my baby girls time, with that said, I also have a good support system, which is my fiance(the father of my child). He helps out big time when I take on clients or when I need to cook dinner for the family.

NOW BEAUTIFUL MAMA’S! My thoughts above does not mean you turn into boring mama’s and forget how to have fun. If you have the opportunity, take the time to arrange ladies night out with your girlfriends and relive your youth a bit, even if it is only for a couple hours. If you don’t have friends, make sure you have, what I call “me” time. Every mamma needs a bit of a break once in a while.

And if you are wondering, when my fiance and I spend time?

Well we “try” to have date nights but that turns out into conversations all night about our daughter, therefore we usually end our date night early and go home to spend time with our daughter. We feel she growing up so fast so we miss her every time we are not with her….I know corny… but so true. 🙂

To close off my blog for today, I just want to say Thank you for taking the time to read and to all mama’s out there remember:

You are beautiful, strong and you can concur the world because that is how we are built and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



My 3 year old has Ezcema!!

Urg…..to Ezcema

My little toddler Carter has bad eczema from when she was 4 months old.  Carter is 3 years of age at this time and all I can say is sigh…. with her having Eczema, it is pretty stressful on a mom that doesn’t get enough sleep as it is.

I tried to use everything everyone has recommended and while some remedies worked, it only helped for a short period of time. My daughter sleeps in the same bed as me and all I hear in the middle of the night is her scratching at her skin to the point it gets to flesh. Sad, I know!!

On this blog I can only share what is currently working for us and what I have to continue doing for her to not stress her skin. I try to stay away from hydrocortisone ointments and although it works, it also made my Carter’s skin very thin, therefore I refuse to use it on her any longer.

What is my current routine to help Carter skin out a bit?

Thanks to my girlfriend, she gave me her son’s wet suit and gave me a routine that worked for her son, which has now grew out of his Eczema.

I keep the skin hydrated by moisturizing Carter’s skin right out from the bath with Aquaphor healing ointment and than putting a wet suit on her before bedtime.  By doing this routine, the Aquaphor locks the moisture  in and the wetsuit keeps the skin hydrated…please keep in mind, this does not cure eczema, it only tames it until the next break out.

Things I did notice that causes some of the flare up’s are  environmental or strong scents, such as: cleaning products, perfume and tiger balm. I try to keep her far away from some harsh scented items but at times can’t avoid it.

Below are the few items that I have used in the past that worked for a bit, maybe it can help you:

  • Raw Shaw butter
  • Raw Coconut oil
  • Cetaphil eczema lotion
  • Spectro intense rehydration moisturizer
  • Mustela Stelatopia moisturizing cream
  • Nutrelia, eczema moisturizing lotion (Worked well for me)
  • Aveeno eczema

Please share what worked for  your child?


Hello world!

I hope everyone had fun on their last day of 2017, what did you do?

If you read my first post you will notice I spent my NYE at my close girlfriends house.  She held an amazing potluck (that I knew nothing about) LOL! she made an amazing roast beef and there were other delicious items that others brought as well…I guess the question is, what did I bring?

Don’t worry! I did not come empty handed haha!

I ended up going to an Asian supermarket since they are always open, picked up some chips  and than made my way to pick up 3 Uncle Tetsu cheese cakes at pacific mall. I can say the chips were demolished and the cake came in handy as a great substitute for people that do not enjoy a sweet chocolate cake.

Moreover, the NYE gathering was super fun because I had the opportunity to catch up with some friend that were visiting from Hong Kong, and some new friends I made this past  summer, also at my girlfriends home.

The best part of last night were the adults being upstairs and the children having their own party downstairs in the basement, giving us a false sense of freedom LOL.. monitored of course by CCTV (close circuit television).

All in all was a great night/morning! Below are some pictures of the Sexy mamas from last night!!

Happy New Years again and I hope 2018 brings everyone good health, wealth and prosperity!!!